Thursday, February 18, 2010


I finally got a copy of my X-Rays! Here is why I hadn't been posting for a few weeks. Nothing is busted, but it sure did hurt.


Spencer said...


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this have gone up for No Carbon Wednesday?

Good luck that it didn't come all the way off and get lost, pretty easy to lose a tiny little finger like that.

Heal well.

Ciao, Bjorn.

Dan O said...

Yikes. What caused that?

FigBug said...

I fell off my mountain bike again. :(

Ernesto Longhi said...

Dislocation of the fifth finger!


I sent to you two pics of a broken handlebar!

Stay well!

Ernesto, Brazil

tim bulger said...

I did that, don't recommend riding downstairs on CX bike wearing dress shoes! Nine months of rehab later it is still bent. If you fractured your Volar Plate you can look forward to living through months of rehab.