Sunday, October 19, 2008

Carnage on the MUP

Here's one I found on craigslist. It's some idiot ranting:
Just wanted to say thanks to the JackAss that was riding on the wrong side of the Platte River trail yesterday! Yeah its me... im the one that plowed into you at least 22mph while u were riding up under a bridge and around a corner! Smart move.. just so you know when u took off and i was bleeding on the trail... dont worry im ok! Little sore but more hurt that you stupidness lead to my Trek carbon is wreaked! 

Not only did u sheer the fork right off the bike you also caused my head tube to become oval ed out cracking the carbon! and now my $3500 bike is a wall ornament! Thanks again asshole! Next time ill throw your bike in the river before asking if your dumbass is ok!
A crash on the MUP at 22 mph destroys a bike. Be careful out there, especially on the MUPs, they are full of idiots.

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