Friday, February 27, 2009

Pinarello F4:13

I've posted this bike once before, but now I have more photos and details.

Arech says:
I was racing and deviate a race accident, i didn't lost the control, i was estable but the front road lock, my body was back and made an handspike, the frame broke, and i fell!
Translated to English it apparently means:

1) He was racing.
2) He avoided running into a crash ahead of him.
3) He locked the front wheel (brake).
4) He started to go over the handlebars.
5) The frame broke.
6) He crashed to the ground, frame already broken.

I find it hard to believe hitting the brakes can destroy your frame, but stranger things have happened.


Anonymous said...

That story was as amusing as the photos, although there is something fishy about the explanation!

Unknown said...

It can happen when there's very little clearance between the fork and the downtube or the fork is very flexible, or especially both.

Under hard braking the fork flexes and the wheel moves back toward the downtube. If the tire touches the downtube then the wheel locks suddenly as if your downtube pressing on the wheel was a second brake. Momentum presses the downtube into the wheel even harder at this point, probably snapping or denting it, and throwing you over the bars at the very least.

Unknown said...

What kind of braking system this guy had to destroy a frame like a pinarello? Super ABS? lol

I would send that to Pinarello and I am sure if their reputation is what it is I dont see no reason why they will not replace it.

The Baker

Anonymous said...

yhg, no fine frameset has a fork that will flex to the point it makes the wheel touch the downtube. That is ridiculous. The only way for that to happen is for the bike to come to a sudden stop. The only thing that makes a bike come to a sudden stop is hitting another object.

Bike said...

Today I buy the same bike. Hope I don't have the same accident.

Anonymous said...

knock-off chinarello would be my guess.

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