Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Carbon Wednesday: Cranks Fall Off

Why are so many cranks falling off? It's an epidemic!


Planman said...

poor workmanship going into the bikes!

Anonymous said...

I used to build bikes at Canadian Tire back in the nineties, and would torque those crank arms as hard as I could. Some would still fall off. Bad metal made in China was the culprit.

Zippy said...

It's those crank arm demons running around loosening crank bolts. Really!

sspeier said...

this happened to me once on a trail while i was wearing toe clips and straps. i had to stop in place and this fuckin old 60 year old douche on his cannondale pro smashed into me while i was trying to take the strap off. he got all pissed at me and acted like it was my fault that he had a good 80 feet before running into me, and could not use any of the other 13 feet on the path that i wasn't using up.

what an asshole.
and what a shitty crankset i was using.
fuck bad luck and fuck old asshole losers!

zerge said...

i donno why they are still making left cranks' lock-bolt/nut with regular thread, if it was reverse thread it wouldn't fall off. As you are pedalling forward with the left crank it always moves 0,001mms(or so) resulting in slowly loosening bolts.