Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trek Y33

Pete just sent me this photo of his broken carbon seat post, but his carbon framed 1997 Trek Y33 is still going strong. These frames have a lifetime warranty. If it broke I wonder what Trek would replace it with? Nothing as cool, that's for sure. I love looking at these old mountain bikes, when Unified Rear Triangle was considered hi-tech, now it's only for Walmart bikes.


Thompson said...

I have one of these bikes hanging in my garage collecting has not seen any action in at LEAST 6 yrs (I've been busy having babies, lol!)
If anyone is interested in purchasing, name a price. It is complete. Nice bike...just do not need it! My husband & I got matching bikes & this style is more his then mine (shhhh, don't tell him!) so I really did not ride it much (or hard) It did turn a lot of heads though. That was fun! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ms Thompson

What would you want to part with it? My daughter is looking for something different.


Thompson said...

I should mention that I am in So Calif.
Are you around here?
To be honest I am not sure what price is fair. I paid $2000 for it about 9yrs ago(it was the top-of-the-line for it's time)...& it has basically sat in the garage most of that time.
I need to take it down from the rafters, dust it off & get some photos. Will list on Craigslist (or ebay, although their fees & rules are getting ridiculous!)
Let me know if you're still interested.

Erich said...

Meh, Y33 looks cool, but the suspension is crappy by today's standards. Trek would probably do you a favor and upgrade you to a Fuel EX.

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