Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pinarello Prince

Joshua sent this one in. 3 months old. Fell over. Toast.

It's not unexpected for a frame to break when it gets crashed into a concrete block at 40+ km/h, but when it just tips over and breaks, I think that hurts the most.


The Pople of SC said...

Nah man, that's just the clear coat... perfectly safe to ride.

bartelsjoshuac said...

Yeah, I thought it was the clear coat too, but the top tend bends and makes cracking noises when you put downward force on it. Or when you pull up. Side to side it is fine. And there are some details missing from the what happened discussion. After it fell over a girl fell on top of it which is what caused the break. If anyone is interesting in inspecting it, or having it repaired, I could make them a great deal.

brigo said...

I really hope his bike is still under warranty from the shop