Friday, September 4, 2009

Trek Madone

Chris sent me these photos of his 2007 Trek Madone 5.9SL Team. He says:
In sept of 2008 I was out for a ride in Seattle on the bike trail near the UW campus. I was riding eastbound through an intersection and was t-boned on the right by a northbound subaru (thank goodness it was a low profile vehicle). It hit my right pedal and bent the dura ace crank past the right chain stay. The left chain stay was broken as well as the seat tube. I was flipped onto the hood and the bike was punched out into the intersection. I also cracked my giro pneumo helmet but not my head. Aside from a few nice bruises and scrapes on my legs and some sore back muscles, I walked away from the crash.
Wow, he's very lucky to walk away from a crash like that.


Anonymous said...

Can I e-mail you a photo of my Cannondale Synapse frame that got T-boned by a car doing 30 mph?

I replaced bent handlebars and tires.

Frame has a small surface scratch.

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