Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Non Catastrophic Failure

Sometimes carbon frames fail in less dramatic ways. Robert sent me this photo of his 2006 Time Edge First. The frame developed a small crack between the headtube and the downtube. Time had a new frame to him six days later.


Anonymous said...

Time's a good company--before starting my own shop I was sort of the unofficial liason with them at the shop I worked at. Good, responsive folks.

Anonymous said...

I all. I'm having a warrenty issue with Trek over my 2008 Trek 6.9 Madone. It developed a significant crack where the seat tube and bottom bracket lug are "fitted" then molded together. The shop I bought the bike at, said, "yup, its busted...we've seen a lot of Treks break right there". Now Trek wants to charge me $2,500 for a warrenty replacement bike because they don't make the orginal color scheme anymore (actually they do, but its now listed as a Project - One paint scheme) so they are forcing me to accept either the Astana team issue or an organge and white one. All I want is my defective frame replaced and the same paint scheme - which was not custom. Any one else hear of such BS? Any similar knowledge of broken Trek frames in the bottom bracket / seat tube area? Patrick in Dallas