Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2nd Busted Look Seatpost

From Richard:
The brief story is my first Look seatpost broke after 2 years. The Look replacement (warranty) broke in 10 minutes at the exact same location. Look is scratching their head and generally not wanting to replace the replacement. For the record I weigh 165 lbs and ride a Look 585.
10 minutes has to be a record.


Anonymous said...


Look ergopost seatpost failure

Anonymous said...

Too much torque on the velcro seatbag strap :)

Gernot said...

After your experience, if you even WANT the replacement's replacement, you are much more of a man than I'll ever be (though perhaps the next carbon post will take care of that) :)

I'd just go and buy a Nitto, and consider it a cheap education.

Anonymous said...
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Gingerbread Cookie Recipes said...

Loved readinng this thank you