Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm back: Svein Tuft breaks aerobars during TT

I'm back, and I'm going to revive this blog. Sorry, life got in the way for the past many months.

He hit a bump in the road and cracked off one of his carbon aero bar extensions, and unfortunately it was the one with the controller for his rear derailleur attached.

With the bar dangling from the electric wire used to shift his Shimano Di2, and more tight turns, speed bumps and descents in the coming three kilometres, Tuft continued to plow ahead, much to the amazement of his directeur sportif, Steve Bauer.

Svein Tuft is my hero.


Dave Shishkoff said...

Yay, welcome back!

matt said...

I was just shedding a tear over your absence yesterday and here you are!

matt said...

Also Svein Tuft is the man.

Quentin said...

Holy shit, BustedCarbon is back!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Keep up the great work. The bike industry needs the constant reminder they aren't perfect.


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