Thursday, June 30, 2011

Too much power

From Jon:
Just 'popped' when I stood up to do a fast sprint around a slow rider on the local W&OD bike trail.


Tyler Langdale said...

I have the same crack in my 2011 madone. I was taking a ride to Folsom and felt something wrong (kind of squishy feeling in my peddling). Brought it in a bike shop and they showed me the crack and advised not to ride it. i took the light rail home.

the authorized trek dealer said that i looks like i've crashed on the bike. i told him that i've never been in a crash or accident and no one else has been on my bike.

Trek denied their lifetime warranty

any ideas?



Greg L said...

go find a very good photographer, take pictures of the dented spot (breaking point) under good studio light, take micro/macro photos.
if the dent is causing from crash, there will be significant scratches around the breaking point.
if the carbon just brakes, no matter how severe the brakage is, there will be virtually NO scratches to the area.
take the pictures and talk to the manufacturer - not the local dealer.

Agnivesh Adhikari said...

Any updates on the warranty claim?

Anonymous said...

John, Tyler
Do you guys have any updates as my colnago has done the same thing on both sides now and the local import has sent the frame to a carbon specialist.

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