Friday, October 30, 2009

Giant TCR 2 Composite

Jay sent me this photo of his bike.
This happened when a Volkswagon Jetta suddenly appeared in front of me on my 2004 Giant TCR 2 Composite. I was going about 15mph when it pulled out from a driveway into the bike lane. There were bushes blocking the driveway, so I had zero time (five feet) to hit the brakes. I struck the front fender straight on at 90 degrees and CRUNCH the bike snapped in three places, one on the top tube, two on the bottom. I spidered the windshield, rolled off the hood and walked away unharmed.
Amazingly lucky to walk away.

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John Schubert said...

This accident has a teachable moment you may not have thought of: the bike lane was the most dangerous place for you to ride. Your position in the bikelane blocked your view of the driveway and blocked the motorist's view of you.
Had you been riding out in the travel lane, the sight triangle would have been vastly better, and you and the motorist could have seen each other.
Glad you're OK. Thanks for posting.
This is a wonderful web site!
-- John Schubert,