Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kestrel Bars

Grom Geoff:
This Kestrel EMS Pro/SL "carbon aramid" 800k bar, (old-school 26mm diameter), snapped on the OPPOSITE side of impact with the side of a Mercedes that had swung an unannounced right turn across my path. We were traveling the same direction. I locked up the brakes at about 23 mph, so probably hit at 10 mph or slower, at an angle, as I swerved with the vehicle. Impact point was my left elbow. (Lacerations, contusions, muscle spasms, but nothing broken except the bars.) Maybe I better take a magnifying glass to my Trek carbon frame before riding it again.


Anonymous said...

I don't see much aramid there

austen said...

same thing happened to me. lady decided to turn right instead of left. as she turned into me with me wizzing by her my left arm hooked her side mirror and tore it off!!! i turn and see the mirror tumbling thru the intersection. my carbon monkey lite bar was unscathed, and my arm ok, so i sped on to meet my mom for an outdoor bottle of bubbly along the fremont canal.