Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Shipping Problems

This time it happened to Rick:
Specialized broken in shipping.. whatever happened, the box wasn't even damaged


Daniel said...

Wow, bummer. This is the main reason why I would never order a bike online. I'd rather support my local Mom n Pop anyways.

Gus said...

air pressure?

MSRP said...

Might have been a mom and pop that it was shipped to and I don't think you can order a Specialized online. Either way Performance would take it back had it been one of their sweet Fujis.

I support Performance cause mom and pop charge MSRP. Sometimes plus 20-30% once saw a $25 Chinese carbon mini pump for $100 even and they had a display with over 100 of them. I don't have enough to pay mine and their rent. LBS worry about themselves. The American work that once had a jobs at Trek/Cannondale/Raleigh/Schwinn, ect. Not so much. If going the way of the horse and buggy was good enough for the American worker that's now on welfare it's good enough for Mom and Pop who have tried to steer me to inferior products several times.