Thursday, March 4, 2010

The two minute trispoke

From Brett:

I broke this up at Trexlertown on the first Tuesday night of this past season. A whole slew of guys went down right in front of me and I couldn't go up or down the track to avoid them and went down as well. I think someone's pedal was responsible for the damage you see here. I got less than 2 minutes of use out of the wheel. :(

Here's a helmet cam documenting the crash - I was right behind the guy filming.
2 minutes is the new record. The video reminds me how much I miss riding track, but my local velodrome has been closed for a few years now.


Doug said...

To me, that makes track racing look totally terrifying.

Rick said...

that's 1 tough camera.

Accident Management said...

Thanks for sharing that video FIGBUG!