Monday, July 12, 2010

Barry Wicks' Carbon Bars

On Stage 4 of the BC Bike Race, Barry Wicks managed to crash hard 2km from the end of the stage, breaking his carbon bars, but still managed to win the stage and the race. Thanks to Normon fot the photo.


Anonymous said...

This site is dead, no new content. Might as well take it offline. LOSERS!

Ganesha said...

see how to repair a handle with a stick or branch, from Argentine

Anonymous said...

I can't buy it. the majority of content is due to crashes. if you hit a car with a bike, it doesn't matter what the bike is made of, chances are, you're going to get hurt and the bike is going to be ruined. broken is broken, ruined is ruined, unrideable is unrideable. thousands of riders ride hundreds of thousands of carbon fiber products every day with no issue. Lockheed makes $200 million fighter jets that withstand 10 Gs at mach 4 out of carbon fiber. it's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Why no more posts? Isn't carbon breakiing anymore? :)

Anonymous said...

Love this site, but now it's been dead for 7 months. :(s

Anonymous said...

Sad to see it go, but in this instance the holder of gear changer was tightened too high.

You can see many of so called "carbon fibre" mistakes here..

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