Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cannondale Moto

From Sam:
I have a cannondale moto carbon bike, and I found suspected ‘CRACK’ or could be simple painting problems on both side of main pivot links.

Plz check photos…..
Hard to tell from the photos, but it definitely doesn't look right.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a crack to me.. Try flexing the frame while someone watches and see if it moves there

Anonymous said...

I have a 2009 Moto 2 coming to me soon. Can I ask how this happened? What kind of jumps/drops have you been putting this through?

Anonymous said...

it's a crack- do something about it before it does to you

bally26 said...

hi if you want it repairing check this out

he is very good

Anonymous said...

How about taking it to your local C'dale dealer and letting them check it out instead of a sketchy pic allowing yahoo's to diagnose from?

Anonymous said...

One more thing...if you are the original owner then you have a lifetime warranty.
Why ride around on a "maybe cracked maybe not" frame and have a professional check it out.

Anonymous said...

It's a crack alright!!!

durianrider said...

It looks like a paint crack. Thats very common on carbon frames. email this photo to cannondale anyways.

fiber said...

I have a Trek lemond carbon fiber with Dura-Ace. What is the difference between new carbon fiber bikes?

Anonymous said...

Well it is a Cannondale.

Although since their bikes are being made in China now, the quality has improved.

mikamar said...

So, How did it finally end? I think i have the same issue

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know the outcome of this, a friend of mine has had the same crack.

Anonymous said...

That is a crack and should not be ridden with. I'we broken two frames this way - the third frame I got from Cannondale (on warranty) was a revised 2011-model and it is though as hell ;)

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