Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Broken Bars

From Luke:
I was puttering -- 8 KM/H if that -- down a 1 1/2 meter gravel embankment when my front wheel washed out and down I went. Basically I just toppled over. Having hopped clear before the bike became acquainted with gravel (visible inside the bar on some photos), there was no weight on the carbon bar other than the bike's at the time of the impact. Astonishing that such an innocuous spill could result in such a failure. Or perhaps not. I'm grateful that the bar's demise didn't come under more painful circumstances.

I've since reconsidered the merits of carbon components where recreational and utilitarian cycling is concerned. No wonder.
Carbon and downtube shifters is a pairing you don't see too often.


Aaron said...

I've pretty much sworn off carbon bars, steerers and frames after hanging around this site for a while. Low weight is great for racing, but for general real-world riding, I'll stick with metals. Yeah, they may break, too, but it usually takes a bigger impact. I wiped out much hard yesterday on my MBT on gravel, and my titanium bar shrugged it off like nothing ever happened.

Dan O said...

I gotta admit this site gets me thinking about the safety of carbon fiber as well.

I do continue to ride carbon at the moment however - carbon road bike with carbon steerer/fork. Mountain bike with carbon bars also.

In the future, I'll probably go back to old school metal frames and parts.

Mark said...

I broke mine about six months ago. I injected some liquid urethane foam and put some carbon fiber tape around it. No problem yet, cross your fingers.

Anonymous said...

That bar broke because the rider is a super choad and should be riding the Steel Short Bus to Clue-Ville. The fact that it's a Jamis just makes my case.

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