Thursday, November 26, 2009

Carbon Fork / Disc Brakes

Photo from Alan:
Salsa Las Cruces CX frame built up as touring bike with hydraulic discs. Braking force separated the aluminum dropout from carbon fork blade.


Dave Shishkoff said...

That's prolly part of the reason why disc brakes haven't appeared on road bikes, they need to be reinforced quite a bit...there's a lot of shearing force down there.

Also explains why trials bikes have hydraulic rim brakes for the front, and never discs.

Same forks as i'm riding on my 'cross bike, pretty tough otherwise!

Unknown said...

Just about every trials bike has a disc brake on the front these days.

Anonymous said...

Both fork legs on my Las Cruces fork developed hairline cracks at the bottom of the crown, where the legs are apparently bonded on, after less than 200mi of casual road riding just getting the bike dialed in. Clearly defective - Salsa replaced the fork with an upgraded model but I'm still not comfortable with carbon in load-bearing parts. Who makes a really basic segmented steel cross fork?

anakya said...

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