Monday, November 23, 2009

Mountain Bike vs Truck

Here is a crazy story from Jeremy. I have no idea how he is still alive. I've suffered some pretty serious accidents, and even I can't imagine how much this hurt.
This happend a long time ago. In may of 94 or 95 I was trying to hit 60 mph. I had hit 59 but couldnt break the 60 barrier so I got road tires and a bigger front chain ring. I was young and dumb and tried it at night with no lights. A truck made a left in front of me this is the aftermath. It took a year and seven surgeries (two bone graphs) to get me back on my feet. Obviously this is no fault of the carbon, but 15 yrs later I still have visible shards in my leg to remember my first mountain bike. Now 15 yrs later I am still a bicycle messenger, and I love it.

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