Friday, May 21, 2010

Busted Steerer Tube

From Colin:
I recently bought a frame that came with a full carbon fork (my first fork with a carbon steer tube!) Just got done building it up, and on the test ride the handlebars felt wiggly, so I took out the fork and removed the warning sticker to find this nasty crack. The seller and I missed it because it was under the sticker but it was obvious while riding. Anyone have a fork with a steel steer tube?
Hmm... the seller missed it because it was under a sticker? You are more trusting than I.


Dan O said...

The crack appears to be in the middle of the tube - not a really a stress area. Plus under a sticker. Quite strange.

Rivendell is actually offering a steel fork on a carbon trade in bases.

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Christ John said...

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