Friday, June 4, 2010

Another broken seat post

B.N. sent me a photo of his Pinarello Paris with a seat post that lasted less than 500 miles.


Sm0knGT said...

that is not fun at all....I've had bolts sheer on seat posts twice...had one of my worst accidents ever...bolt sheered at 40kmh sending me off the back and slamming onto the pavement...but not before my inside thigh got a nice tire tattoo from the tire....

Tian said...


I've had a bolt shear once too. Wasn't the most pleasant experience area. Replaced the bolt with a steel one and so far so good (crosses legs).

Anonymous said...

Eh, I've had a steel bolt sheer out of a heavy duty aluminum post with a steel head. Didn't eat it, but I did have to ride down the rest of the mountain standing on the pedals. Good thigh workout that one. Sometimes even metal parts break.

Zachary said...

The Pinarello carbon factory in China mislabeled the post(what's new?). That's the Pinarello "Least" Carbon version.

steve said...

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