Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No Carbon Wednesday: Garmin Edge 305

I haven't done a No Carbon Wednesday in a while so I thought I'd finally cover the saga of my Garmin Edge 305. My first one fell off of the mount while crossing a trestle. My second one fell off during a cyclocross race. I complained to Garmin about the quality of the mount and amazingly they sent me a replacement for free with an upgraded mount. Unfortunately I smashed the LCD screen in my next 'cross race. I have to give Garmin credit for great support, but I can't recommend the Edge 305 for somebody that crashes as much as I do.


Composite Materials said...
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Brian said...

Weird -- my 305 popped off its mount too and, when I turned around to retrieve it, I got there just in time to watch a car break it in two. It looked just like yours. I also had the same experience with Garmin. They sent me a new one, totally free of charge. Pretty awesome of them. I should probably pick up a new mount.

Anonymous said...

Strange.. A friend of mine left his 305 on my car and it fell off at 60kph, and bounced a couple of times on the tarmac. Was a bit scratched but still works fine!

steve said...

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