Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HiFi 29er

Rafal sent me a photo of what I think is a Gary Fisher HiFi 29er.
I heard a pop in back of the bike but proceed to ride it for about another 10 seconds. Until Jeremy yelled at me to stop and check the wheel. I though it I have broken several spokes but no this was the end result.
Read the full story on his blog. My wife has the same bike, and she broke the rear triangle as well, but in a different location. Gary Fisher did warranty hers, and she even got him to sign it.


Brian B said...

I'm the guy with the broken Raleigh posted earlier. I have a HiFi Pro 29er. I heard a loud snap over a jump about a month ago, and fortunately only snapped my rear wheel coming up short on a double. I hope this doesn't happen to me next time! Still haven't gotten the bike fixed yet though... now my record is bikes:2 Brian: 0.

Anonymous said...

A friend has snapped his from in the triangle as well... try getting it replaced now Trek has ceased the GF line.

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