Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scott CR1

From Ian:
It's been a while since this actually happened, but here are some photos from me going into the back of a car at ~50km/h.

I was head down hurting at the start of morning peak hour and didn't see the parked car in a clearway/towaway zone until the last second. I had enough time to throw myself to the right and the bike went square into the back of the car. I took off the right hand side external mirror as I went past, and tucked and rolled as I landed about 2 metres in front of the car.. Didn't even crack my helmet on landing. Effectively got up and walked away but was taken to hospital emergency for a few hours to go over me. Just a couple of small scars which are not all that visible now 2 or so years ago.

I never 'suffer' while training or racing with my head down now. Something I try to teach everyone else to do.
Good advice. Check out the rest of the photos.


Ernesto Longhi said...

Does he want to sell the fork?

Anonymous said...

Funny, your bike was worth 6 times the value of the car you rear ended.

Ian said...

@ Ernesto - You wouldn't want it. It was badly chipped and damaged.

It was eventually put into the scrap bin at the local tip/waste disposal.

Anonymous said...

My cr1 broke in exactly the same way when I was hit by a car...All I really remember was the loud "pop" when the fram broke.

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