Thursday, June 17, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due

This video has just started making the rounds. Impressive trials riding on a carbon road bike. While I'm impressed the bike survives all the abuse, I don't recommend it unless somebody else is paying for your bikes.


jet said...

that guy is super smooth though... silky skills

Anonymous said...

I agree. There is "very low" impact on the wheels and frame. The guy use a 10 inchs suspension = knees and elbows. Great job!

Dave Shishkoff said...

Carbon bikes are tough, so long as the impact is where it's expected...trials isn't a great use for a road bike, but it ought to be able to handle it.

It's like people who think you can't ride a road bike off a curb, because it has those 'thin wheels'...they're pretty tough actually.

Anonymous said...

makes we want to grab my road bike and try some off-roading! My Trek, full-suspension mountain bike would be jealous though.
Amazing skills!

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